Budget and Transparency Reporting

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  • Board Approved Budgets

2023-2024 Budget

2022-2023 Budget

2021-2022 Budget

2020-2021 BUDGET

  • Board Amended Budgets

2022-2023 Final Amended Budget

2022-2023 BUDGET 1st Amendment

2021-2022 Budget 2nd Amendment

2021-2022 Budget 1st Amendment

2020-2021 Approved and 2019-2020 Amended

2020-2021 BUDGET 1st AMENDMENT

  • Audited Financial Report

2022 Audited Financial Report

2021 Audited Financial Report

2020 Audited Financial Report

2019 Audited Financial Report

2018 Audited Financial Report

  • Accounts Payable Check Register

2021-2022 Check Register

2020-2021 Check Register

2019-2020 Check Register

2018-19 Check Register

2017-18 Check Register

  • Annual Reports

2018-19 Annual Report – posted in 2019

2017-18 Annual Report – awaiting approval

2016-17 Annual Report

  • District Approved Deficit Elimination Plan

The district has not incurred a deficit.

  • District Credit Card Information

Credit Card Information

  • District Paid Lobbying Costs

District Lobbying Costs

  • District Paid Association Dues


2018-19 Association Dues

2017-18 Association Dues

  • District Paid Out-of-State Travel

Not Applicable

  • Operating Expenditures¬†Reporting

2021-22 Operating Expenditures

2019-20 Operating Expenditures

2018-19 Operating Expenditures

2017-18 Operating Expenditures

  • Personnel Expenditures Reporting

2021-22 Personnel Expenditures

2019-20 Personnel Expenditures

2018-19 Personnel Expenditures

2017-18 Personnel Expenditures

  • District Employee Compensation and Benefit Documents

District Employee Compensation

2018-19 WMHIP Flexible Blue HSA

2018-19 WMHIP Flexible Blue 3

2018-19 WMHIP Versatile

Medical Benefit Plan Bids

  • Employee Bargaining¬†Agreement

Bargaining Agreement Information

  • MI School Data

NC RESA MI School Data Education Dashboard

MI School Data Homepage

  • District and State Approved Evaluation Tools and Assurances

School AdvanceED Assurance Document

School ADvance Implementation with Fidelity

NC RESA 95a Grant Application and Training Plan

Thoughtful Classroom Research Base

  • Schools of Choice Documentation

2019-20 Newaygo County Schools of Choice

SOC Information Brochure 2019

  • District Policy Documents

Procurement Policy

Expense Reimbursement Policy

  • Return to Learn Plan

ECOL Training on Delivery Access and Use of Virtual Content

Big Jackson COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan 07.16.2020 

Extended COVID Learning Plan 02012021